MVP Award Program

The SDL Tridion MVP Award program is a program developed to thank and recognize all the great professionals that freely share their knowledge, real world experience and objective feedback to help others implement and enhance our technology. An MVP award is given to those who offer exceptional contributions to the SDL Tridion community. You can nominate candidates at any time during the entire year.

2015 MVP award winners

The SDL Tridion MVPs for 2015 are:

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The SDL Tridion MVP Retreat in Evora, Portugal, was an incredible success - watch our summary , and watch Nuno Linhares discuss the evolution of the program .

Watch some additional footage of previous MVP event here and here (long version).

What is the SDL Tridion MVP Program?

Nuno Linhares explains the objectives of the MVP program (video).

Becoming an MVP

You can become a most valued professional (MVP) by sharing your passion, knowledge and know-how with exceptional contributions to the SDL Tridion community, be it through  SDL Tridion social network sites , by posting  community eXtensions or through your personal weblogs. Your contributions will be seen by all members of the community and by the MVP Selection panel. The award winner will receive an award and certificate from the CEO of SDL Tridion, can use the �SDL Tridion MVP'-logo in professional communication and will have free entrance to SDL Tridion hosted events.

Nominate an MVP

To nominate an individual to the MVP Award, send an email to with the following information: 

Successful candidates will be contacted by a member of the MVP Selection Panel.

Selecting an MVP

To receive the MVP award, nominees go through a review process by the MVP Selection panel. This panel will evaluate each nominee's voluntary contribution to the community over the past 12 months, the quality of their feedback and knowledge, and level of impact. Active MVPs will be re-evaluated every year, and the MVP title is only valid for one year each time. Active MVPs do not have to re-nominate, but are asked to continue their sharing activities.

MVP Selection Panel

This panel includes members of SDL Tridion Professional Services and Product Management, as well as members of the community � in all purposes independent from SDL Tridion. This panel's independence is crucial, as many MVP nominees do work directly or indirectly for SDL WCM Solutions division, and we would be excluding many valuable professionals from possible selection if the Panel was constituted by SDL employees alone.

The members of the MVP Selection Panel are:

  • Alvin Reyes, SDL Professional Services 
  • Bart Koopman, SDL Product Management
  • Quirijn Slings, Co-Founder, Trivident
  • Dominic Cronin, Principal Consultant, Indivirtual
  • Albert Romkes, Certified SDL Tridion Consultant, Rainology

Nuno Linhares will continue serving as non-voting executive chairman of the panel.