Tridion driver for LINQPad

This extension is a driver that allows you to connect from LINQPad to Tridion Content Manager's Core Service, similar to how you can already connect to databases and OData services from within LINQPad.

Installation instructions

To install the Tridion driver for LINQPad, follow these steps:

  1. download LINQPad (I recommend the latest version 4.x, stable or beta)>
  2. unzip LINQPad somewhere on your disk (there's no installer, it doesn't need it)
  3. start LINQPad
  4. download the ZIP file from the bottom of this page
  5. unzip the ZIP file
  6. click "Add connection" in LINQPad
  7. click "View more drivers" at the bottom of the "Choose Data Context" dialog
  8. click the "Browse..." button to select a local driver
  9. browse to where you unzipped the driver and select the .lpx file
  10. click "Open" and you should be back into the "Choose a driver" dialog
  11. click "Close" to get back to the "Choose Data Context" dialog
  12. select the "Tridion Core Service Driver" and click "Next"
  13. fill in the hostname (or IP address), username and password of your Tridion server
  14. click OK

You now have a connection to Tridion in LINQPad.

As a minimal test you can right-click on the Publications property under your new connection and select Publications.Count(). The window on the right will show a new query and below that the number of Publications in your Tridion Content Manager.

For more information on interacting with Tridion from LINQPad (including examples of how to use this driver), see the companion article Using LINQPad with Tridion.

License agreement
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:    LINQPad,  Core Service
:   1.0
:   Yes

About the Author
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